Updating the Fireplace

After thinking about it for some time, we're planning to update our corner fireplace to include a built-in area for bookshelves and our tv. The layout of our living room is awkward, with several doorways and focal points, making it tricky to arrange and include everything. We both said before that we'd never put the tv up above the fireplace, but the idea started sounding better the more we thought about...and we're both kind of giddy about the potential it has (Q might just be in it for a bigger tv).

Our plan/sketch is still a little rough, but here's our general idea: removing the current tile and mantle, putting in square white tile (#4) on the hearth and some white painted brick (#2) extending up to the mantle. Above the fireplace will be the built-in area, with a large opening for a tv (the green tape in the photos above are marked at our current tv size, but the opening will be much larger). I'm not sure yet if we'll have mini shelves running up each side of the tv opening (#1), but I would like to have a wide shelf run across the very top (#3).

So that's it. I have a feeling it will change as we go, but I can't wait to get started. If it all works out, we'll free up just enough wall space (where the tv used to be) for our Christmas tree this year. : ) 


Becca said...

I feel like the anticipation of a well-placed Christmas tree would make any home renovation so much more worth it!

Gloria said...

Ooh I love the look of white painted brick fireplaces!

Krystal said...

i think the bookshelves are a great idea! be careful with the tv though, i think my mother in law didn't do that because of the smoke and heat that would rise to the tv?

Laicie said...

This is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Mine would be in it for the bigger tv too. :)

Pink Ronnie said...

Look forward to seeing how the fireplace is going Alli!
Ronnie xo

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