Weekend Peek

We hit the road for the weekend (Q had drill) and I visited my parents nearby, had my best friend over, went swimming, and met up with some of Q's siblings for sushi (I mostly just ate the avocado & cream cheese filling...). Sunday evening, we picked a bucketful of beans, cucumbers, & a zucchini in my dad's garden before making the trip home.

(photos from my instagram)


Alison said...

It's nice to have something fun to do when the husband's away. Mine went to Belize last week for work and I headed out of town to visit a friend. Fresh vegetables are my favorite.

k said...

sounds lovely :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a lovely weekend.

I haven't been here for a while... I really (still) like your blog. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a heavenly weekend!

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