Seeing The Good

Last night we headed out for a few errands, which turned into somewhat of an adventure around town, going from store to store, winding up downtown by the park getting ice cream late in the evening. (I took a whole lot of pictures too - I love the vsco phone app).

Although it may appear otherwise, it was one of those outings where you're not in the most agreeable mood and find yourself complaining about the little things. Chilly weather at the park, what to get at the store, and so on.

Yet looking back, it's easy to see all of the good, even if it's not always recognized in the moment. Easy to feel grateful for the time spent together, doing everyday things. And for having such a patient partner in crime. Also, for chocolate dipped chocolate cones, sprinkled with nuts, because they can make anyone's day.


rooth said...

That app looks pretty incredible. And yes to chocolate dipped cones - they are quite an improvement to the plain ones, aren't they?

gina said...

I think you live in the same town as my brother. I was just there and this looks a little familiar.....pretty pics :).

Unknown said...

I'll have to check that app out! Such lovel photos. And good for you for realizing the good. I can relate to to this so so much! Hooray for ice cream!

Kelly said...

nice photos...what a cool app!

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