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It's funny how some days, creatively, you can feel overwhelmed by nearly everything. And then there are the days where colors and patterns speak to you in just the right way, leaving you full of ideas and scrambling to make them into something tangible. Here are a few pins that have inspired me lately...
1. Illustration by Charlotte Trounce (found via).
2. Greens and blues from Bloom.
3. Ombre effect drawers, photographed by Magnus Anesund.
4. Packaging design by Savvy (found via).


rachael said...

i hear you on the off and on days of inspiration. happens to the best of us, i believe. :)

monsterscircus said...

Great inspiration, love the blue and Green outfit. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, have a wonderful day.

Kae said...

gosh, I know how you feel. Loving your pins lately!

Gloria said...

Love the ombre drawers!

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