Friday Favorites

Hello, June! A few things for this Friday:
1. A giant wall flower I shared over on You Are My Fave.
2. Pretty paletas.
3. Delicious looking Asian tacos.

I'm hoping to make this weekend a good one.

(photos by hooray, angela hardison, and sprouted kitchen)


Evi said...

I love the flower!! It's so cute!!
as dreamers do

rooth said...

Nom, Asian tacos! Best kind of fusion there is

rachel said...

such pretty picks. have a wonderful weekend!!

Unknown said...

I love tacos! Lovely photos, have a great weekend!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Wow those tacos look good!

So I followed your advice {thanks again!} to make my blog margins wider and it made all my old posts look weird and out of whack. I know the new ones will be lovely, but not sure if I can cope with everything that came before looking like a mess. I have to see if I can do something about that before I make the leap!

Hope your week is lovely, Alli.

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