The Green Street Fair

(mini donuts)

I went with a friend to the Green Street Fair downtown over the weekend, and as usual it was a fun time full of food, interesting vendors, and live music (with the focus on eco-friendly & organic goods). We ate sandwiches on a park bench, watched The Verve Pipe perform, saw rehabilitated animals (like a bald eagle and an owl), and shared sugared mini donuts. And yikes - I got a sunburn as a reminder that it's almost summer.

(penn theater & walking around)

(street signs)

(my favorite land's end tote)

(a four year-old owl)


Lemanie said...

Wow what a beautiful owl!! I love Street Fairs!! Especially ones w/ bands! The Verve Pipe? Wow I haven't heard them in years! It must have been a pretty awesome day!

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rooth said...

Oh nom those donuts look pretty awesome

Kimia Kline said...

that owl stole my heart. so majestic.

Unknown said...

Street fairs and markets are just heaven for me! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

This looks like tons of fun!!

Mariana said...

This sounds (and looks) nice.
And this owl looks so beautiful.

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