Friday Favorites

2. Buildings in Charleston captured by a friend.
3. Fresh fruit popsicles.

(photos by Dellie, Allie, dandysugar, and Exquisite Banana)


gina said...

Ohh, I love those painted pots!

Unknown said...

The fruit popsicles sure do look appealing, and peonies are just wondrous flowers!

Gloria said...

Now I definitely have to go buy some peonies this weekend - so pretty!

Mal said...

The painted pots are gorgeous!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Kayla Poole said...

aw thank you, miss alli!. also, slightly weird observation, but my grid of photos from today's post follows this exact color scheme (blues/turquoise at the top and pinks at the bottom). great minds! ;)

Tan said...

I'm loving the colours of that painted pot!
My student gave me a peony from her garden and my gosh every time I look at it I'm mesmerized. It's the most beautiful thing ever!

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