Friday Favorites

1. A house full of open windows.
2. Spring cleaning.
3. All-natural fruit jellies (from trader joe's).
4. Making up the guest bed for a sweet friend!
5. After the Jump podcasts.

Hope your weekend is full of good things.

(photos taken with instagram)


Gloria said...

Those fruit jellies look like little jewels - so pretty!

mary said...

gonna have to try the fruit jellies next time we're at TJ's!

Lauren Vanderberg said...

loving the open windows here as well.

rooth said...

Your guest linens are quite beautiful!

Eleven Gray said...

Hi Alli! I love the pics. I love seeing random pics from people's weekends and lives. They are so pretty. I just re-found your blog and I forgot how much I loved it! Hope you are doing well. Jessica from 11 Gray (formerly Lavender and Lilies)

Kiki said...

I love your photos! So light, airy, and colorful. Is the lampshade from Target? I think I remember a similar pattern but I only saw it on some bowls and plates.

alli/hooray said...

Hi Kiki! Yep it's from Target, a year or so ago.

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