Couch Planning

After some research (and thinking and planning), we decided to get a big sectional for our living room. We need the extra seating, both for guests and even just the two of us (we could rarely both get comfortable). And we agreed that we want our living room to be as relaxing, inviting, and "stay-awhile" as possible. Here is our first sofa, that we've had for four years now:

That, along with just a small side chair, was never quite enough. This is the mock-up I made in photoshop (just for fun, because I love floor plans!) of the new arrangement with a sectional. It's not at all to scale, but it shows the basic layout of the room with the doorways, windows, and corner fireplace.

(1. Sectional, end table, & floor lamp; 2. Rug & coffee tables; 3. Bookshelf; 4. Tv, cabinet, & extra footstool.)

And below is a glimpse of the new sofa now in the room. We went with a Karlstad, because of the modern shape, washable covers, and great sale they were having at our local Ikea.

We love it! Sometime in the near future I'd like to swap out the birch block legs for something more mid-century (like this), make a few more pillows, and expand our neglected gallery wall. But for now we're thoroughly enjoying all of the extra, comfy space to relax.


Naomi Shiek said...

I'm looking for a new sofa, too, now that I finally have my landlord's permission to throw his old one out. My overnight guests would like a longer sofa they can sleep on. Truthfully, I'd like to keep a small apartment sofa... M...

For the new legs, you could get them here:

alli/hooray said...

Naomi, good luck in your search & thanks for the link!

Kayla Poole said...

No joke, we just moved around furniture earlier in the week to figure out how we could potentially fit a--wait for it--new corner sectional from Ikea.

Yours looks fabulous!

OneCraftyFox said...

I just bought the Ektorp sectional cuz of the big sale they were having at my local IKEA ;)

Great choice, I was looking at yours too!

Tan said...

I'm absolutely loving that you did up a floor plan. You and I are quite alike me thinks! (I do them all the time whenever I'm changing furniture!)
The new couch looks fantastic!

Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

IT looks fantastic, Alli! We are hoping to replace all of our disgusting living room furniture this summer. I have asked for a consultation with a professional for my birthday present at the end of the month. Hopefully hubs follows through! Our living room is awkwardly sized, making furniture arrangements pretty difficult! But mid-century is the look I love and we are hoping to incorporate it in our home perfectly so we don't have to replace anything for a long, long time :)

Gloria said...

I long for the day hubs and I can get a nice big couch where we can BOTH lay down and stretch our legs - love your pick!

rooth said...

Oh that looks so nice and congrats! It's so hard to pick out furniture that is both functional and your style

Mariana said...

It looks nice and like 'stay-awhile and relax'. :)
Love it.

Amanda said...

oh furniture shopping is SO much fun!
and big comfy couches are the best.
i love the look of your living room!

Carrie said...

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