Weekend Bits

My brother came to visit from out of state this weekend, and we had a family wedding at the historic Lafette Grande. The top-floor ballroom had three levels of intimate seating, with giant chandeliers and narrow passageways; it felt almost like being on a ship! Aside from celebrating, we spent the rest of our weekend eating good food, talking, and wishing we didn't live so far apart.

(photos taken with instagram)

In case it looked a bit strange here yesterday evening, yes, I made the switch back to Blogger. It feels more like home to me after using it for so many years. I have a post coming up sometime with thoughts on both platforms and a few helpful tips & links I found along the way (sort of a part 2 to this post).


rooth said...

The ballroom does look like the inside of a ship! And thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on the different platforms you've experimented with. I've always been curious

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

That cupcake looks gooooooood!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Love the shoes Alli:)
I tried switching a few times from blogger but could never quite get the same feel. Looks great over here!

Gloria said...

Oh what a cool venue!

Tan said...

Wow that sounds like a luxurious wedding! Just as luxurious as that cupcake looks. Mmm

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