Friday Favorites

1. Pretty table setting by Holly Flora.
2. 'Heart this' bookmarking corners in the new Domino.
3. Black and white shelves. (spotted via)
4. Homemade fig newtons.

(photos by fondly forever, creature comforts, jodie steen, and faux martha)


Unknown said...

Such a great idea to put those "i heart this" tags on there. So clever, Domino. So. Clever.

Have a great weekend!

Gloria said...

Those bookmarks are such a cute idea!

Cyn | decyng said...

Nice detail from Domino. Really good idea! The table setting seems to feel romantic al calm.

rooth said...

Yum, fig newtons, I might have to give those a shot

this free bird said...

Those black and white shelves are pretty fabulous.

Melissa // thefauxmartha said...

Thanks for the link love!

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