Crate Box Cone Display

I love how paper cones look displayed in mass. Last week, I noticed all of the evenly spaced holes on the bottom of an old fruit crate - perfect for sticking a bunch of paper cones into. I made a few miniature cones using various colors (aqua, pink, black, kraft, striped) and turned the crate upside down to create an instant display box. The crate could be painted or customized a little depending on the occasion, too, but I also like the casual look of it as-is.

As for the cones, there are many ways to make them, but one of the easiest methods (learned from Modern Paper Crafts) requires just some simple folding (shown above). Cut paper into a rectangle with a length twice its width plus one inch or so (I used a 2x5 inch piece for mini cones). Starting at the top left corner, softly fold the paper diagonally to the right three times, leaving excess on the far right side. Fold the excess over inside the newly formed top of the cone (this holds it all together). Fill with candy or confetti and enjoy!


Gloria said...

Love these fun cones, and using a crate as a stand is such a cute idea!

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! How lovely are these? Just beautiful!!! Xo

jennifer little said...

I love these! I'm adding these as a fave idea for Luke + Emory's birthdays!!

christine, just bella said...

Love these, I'm all about ideas to use fun pieces of paper.

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

Love this Alli! So sweet!

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