New Year

(baking cookies on Christmas Eve)

Instead of jumping back into blogging last week, I decided to wait until sometime after Epiphany to start anew. We started taking down decorations over the weekend and organizing and tackling some house projects. Going for a run/walk every evening. Eating homemade soups and actually making grocery lists. Twinkly lights still left hanging in the bedroom. We'll see how long I feel this energized about winter, but for now I'm trying to enjoy the small things. Wishing you a happy 2012.

(vintage baubles from my mom)

(our waking orchid)

(borrowed book on organizing. love!)


rooth said...

Lovely baubles - I'm already ready for spring. I need to practice patience!

Claire Gibson King said...

Happy New Year my dear!

Kayla Poole said...

I'm so with you on this one...planning our weekends around meal-making and couch-snuggling is more than enough to keep me cheery during these winter months.

Where My Heart Is said...

What is it about the new year that has us all organizing? I've already done the linen closet, the medicine cupboard, my wardrobe and you should see the length of my list!

Rachel Follett said...

Beautiful photos! Definitely know this feeling. :)

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

Ahh... I feel so refreshed and inspired after reading this!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Alli, its refreshing to see a blogger who took the full Christmas break!
We just took down our Christmas decorations after the Epiphany:)
I am going to have to take a look into Martha's organization book. I am a little crazy about organizing. If there were a jar and nook for everything in my home it would make me very happy. I know odd.

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