his+hers: favorite dessert (hawaii edition)

His+Hers: our favorite dessert (besides pineapple) in Hawaii.

With the cold weather we've been having, I found myself looking through vacation photos and came across these from our trip to Hawaii last March.

I remember standing in line forever just to get a piece of this cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory one night, and I waited to eat it while we walked 1264937 miles to find Q his Coldstone before heading back to the hotel.

By the time we made it back I thought for sure I'd eat the entire thing, but I only made it halfway through before getting a headache from triple chocolate overload. Such is life :-)

PS. See Brooke's his+hers from yesterday, here.
PPS. Sorry if these pics of us shoving food into our mouths scared you.


this free bird said...

I'm not one bit scared. Envious maybe...scared, no. haha!! Hope all is well, Alli. Been thinking about you.


Brittany said...

Coldstone is one of my favorite things about Hawaii! I used to go to the one on top of the Mauna Loa mall in Honolulu. Mmmm...

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