winter essentials...

A really cute hat and the perfect pair of boots. Both on my wish list!

(knitted hat found via).


and flowers pick themselves said...

love love love that hat! it's perfect!

xo Alison

Chaucee said...

Those boots are beautiful!

Kelsey said...

Love them! I desperately need some boots that don't have heels. Heels + Snow + Ice = Bad Idea

Kimia Kline said...

oh still looking for the perfect boots. i've found so many but they're all just a bit out of the budget :)

this free bird said...

Alli these items are great! The hat is so bright and colorful - totally cheery for a cold day. Btw - I didn't get the watch you mentioned here for Christmas, but I am totally planning on buying it with some money I received. It is great, so thanks for mentioning it!


Cassie said...

You cannot beat Boden boots Alli - I absolutely love Boden shoes and have so many pairs I daren't count.

katie said...

love that hat! (and ps- I got almost the exact same pair of boots at target for $20) ;)

Hua Cai said...

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