globes & weekend

(images: 1, 2 photo by jen lowery, 3)

This Sunday I'll probably settle in on the couch with something good to eat and watch the Golden Globes. I'm rooting for the King's Speech and its cast (it's fun to see what everyone wears, too). Q just rolls his eyes at me and stays away. Will you be watching? Hope you have an awesome weekend.

(See more vintage globe photos here on LIFE.)


rachel said...

ah! I might just have to watch. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, alli!

Brooke said...

aw man, why did you have to remind me? I hate that hollywood thinks they are so great - but I also love seeing what they wear and hear crazy drunk speeches. xo

Lavender Playground said...

I'm rooting for the King's Speech too

Ariel said...

i love awards shows! i used to watch the oscars every year with my dad, he would get a bunch of different candy and spread it out like a buffet.

Cassie said...

I saw an advert on our tv today that it is being shown here at about 1am, so I might just have to record it and watch it at a more sensible time.

size too small said...

i used to watch! sad to miss it.

Stacey Sargent said...

I totally watch, and am so sad I will be on a plane tonight! Chris thinks I am stupid for watching it as well! haha...guily pleasure I guess!

Anne Keane said...

Patriots are playing now, so when it's over I have put my request in for the Globes :) My favorite is the red carpet though!

Kimia Kline said...

i am a total awards show junkie. :) kenny always teases me too! said...

oh if i only could watch it over here!!!! Gelous of all of you over there....
Anyways a lot of pink and emerald green on the runways and yes Natalie Portman won!

Heather said...

i watched the globes too. i agree with the previous comment, lots of pinks and greens! who was your favorite?
i loved claire danes & anne hathaway!

iva yaneva said...

Actually in my case my boyfriend watched it while I fell asleep at the middle of it :)
Ah, I always, always fall asleep when I watch something in bed! :(

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