mock party: decorating with berries

(images: Andrea Dozier Photography)

Before we started putting together our mock Christmas party, here's what we started with: a simple $9 bouquet of berries from the market. They were so beautiful on their own that Andrea took a few photos before we started snipping off berries & leaves and arranging them in bottles, attaching them to ornaments, and garnishing our apple centerpiece. More to come!

PS. after the photoshoot, these guys lasted for a long time (even though I'm forgetful about refreshing the water)...definitely worth their money.


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

they are indeed beautiful, and look great as decor

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

I love Andrea's photos!! So simple and sweet.

Cassie said...

I currently have a huge jug of these in the centre of my kitchen table and they seem to live in this house right from the autumn all the way through to the new year when I buy bunch after bunch. Like you said they last for ages even with minimal water.
However Alli, do you know what they are called? I am yet to find out after years of trying to find out.

Andrea said...

I love love these berries! They added so much pop of color & just made everything feel like Christmas instantly!

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