his+hers: ornaments

His + Hers: childhood ornaments.

These are two of our favorites - Q's little nutcracker he made out of a clothespin (hilarious & cute), and a tiny porcelain bear I was given when I was born. I also included an "ours" - the first ornament we were given as a married couple (there is a history behind the pig in his family).

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this free bird said...

Oh I love this post!! That little nutcracker is adorable and made me giggle. My parents still have these whack pompom like glitter things we made in school hanging on the tree...it's kind of embarrassing yet very cool that they've lasted this long. Oh Elmer's glue.


christine, just bella said...

Aww, how adorable. I am sentimental when it comes to ornaments and have ton from when I was little.

size too small said...

i love christmas ornaments from when i was a kid. they're the best.

Cassie said...

You know you've got me when I see a cute pig! My husband thought I would never stop bringing out the tree decorations this weekend.
Love your memory ornaments too.

Punctuation Mark said...

i love that piggy!!! have a great week!!!

ELVIntage said...

Cute! :-)
Love your beautiful blog...xx
PS- Come enter in my giveaway.

Carissa Thilgen said...

how sweet! the clothespin nutcracker is super cute, by the way.

Cassi said...

Thanks Alli! I meant to post a his+hers yesterday, but I was feeling under the weather. My husband + I purchase one new ornament every year, to slowly build a personal collection. It's our little tradition, and we have yet to pick one out this year... That clothespin ornament is too cute. :)

Michelle said...

hi alli, i'm playing along now too! thanks for the fun idea. michelle

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