gift picks: (no.3) hooray for guys

Guys* are challenging to shop for! Especially if you're trying to focus on handmade gifts. It's hard to find/make things that they'll actually use, but it IS possible (like the etsy tie & cuff links for my bro). I try to balance handmade with practical & fun, and also think that getting gifts such as tools is a great way to encourage handmade projects of their own.

[1 star wars visual dictionary, 2 lego storm trooper hand carved stamp (love this!), 3 corded drill, 4 black dot skinny tie, 5 cook with jamie cookbook, 6 oak wood cufflinks, 7 surround sound gamer headphones, 8 rite in the rain notebooks]

PS. Q uses those all-weather notebooks for the military and I love to "borrow" them.

*speaking of guys - happy birthday, DAD!


size too small said...

my husband def. needs the jamie oliver cook book as he's a bit helpless in the kitchen.

Erika@placebolife said...

i adore the darth vadar stamp!!!!!

gina said...

Guys are hard to shop husband got the Bose noise canceling headphones from my parents and he looooves them. They are great for plane rides.

and flowers pick themselves said...

great ideas! i love jamie oliver :)

xo Alison

MOKKASIN said...

What a lovely blog!
I love it!

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