happy long weekend

(photos from our trip in 2007)

We're headed to Chicago this weekend! (we go every year over Labor Day). The weather is almost always perfect this time of year and there is so much to do. When we get back I'll share a few favorite places & things there. Have a fabulous long weekend and below are a few fun links...

Cute video launching the new kate spade twirl fragrance.
Anna wintour & marc jacobs on Jimmy Fallon this week.
A pretty blog with beautiful photography (via lanalou).
Handmade jewelry from 31 bits that supports women in Uganda (via olivia).
Meatless Monday - tips & ideas from Krystle (a vegetarian).


rachel said...

have a wonderful weekend, alli!

wakako@baum-kuchen.net said...

have a beautiful weekend in Chicago!! We once went to this restaurant in Chicago and it was exquisite and memorable!!!



christine, just bella said...

Have a great long weekend!!

www.casaecose.com said...

the photographs are so amazingly pretty. what talent!

Joanna Goddard said...

your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. hope you had a wonderful long weekend! xoxo

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