summer entertaining

Jen from the haystack needle is vacationing in Maine and asked me to do a few posts about summer entertaining over on her blog. Today's post is about stocking your home with entertaining essentials, and tomorrow is all about fun party themes. I've shared a peek below but check out her blog to see more. Hooray for summer parties!

credits, board 1: photo 1 + 2, bottle, table linens, lantern, string lights
credits, board 2: photo 1
, 2, 3, 4


Color Collective said...

so pretty! what a lovely party this would make!

OneCraftyFox said...

I LOVE this post. These images scream easy breezy summer entertaining. Hooray!

Lisa Rupp said...

These are perfect! I want all of them.

this free bird said...

Alli - I love this - the table linens from toast are especially catching my attention. Lou over at Lou Boos and Shoes mentioned yesterday she had purchased a dress from them. What a great site!!

I'm going to check out your guest post now the meantime that convertible is by Brandy & Melville. They're an Italian brand new to the US and very much like a nicer American Apparel. The vest from yesterday is from them too. Each of these pieces was less than $30!! And the vest is an angora blend!!

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

How fun! I want some stripey straws!

Cassie said...

Love these images particularly the table runner and the stripy straws! Wish I had more pretty table linens though.

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