diy: rope stool cover

Martha has this way of making me want to do projects that suddenly feel urgent to complete. We've had this kitchen stool since our first apartment - I bought it planning to paint right away, but after 3 1/2 years it hasn't been touched. But then I saw this stool cover tutorial in Martha's craft book, and within the same week I had gathered all of my supplies and we whipped this out in an hour:

I chose sisal rope for a nautical look (not the most comfortable, but we don't use this stool for seating). We measured and marked the center of the stool top, used liquid nails glue, and repeated the steps of winding rope & gluing until it was covered. I like how it turned out and plan to finish it off by painting the legs white....someday.


Sarah said...

To cute, love this idea.

and flowers pick themselves said...

brilliant! thanks for sharing.

xo Alison

Casa e Cose said...

Wow! That is pretty darn fast and fun!
The result is so nice!

Excellent idea!

lauren verity said...

this is gorgeous! and i like yours better than marthas:)

Lavender and Lilies said...

so cute!

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

I love your description of the urgency Martha's crafting makes you feel — I totally get it! These turned out beautifully. Great work!

Amanda said...

I love your new look stool Alli - the rope idea is so unique and effective! Looks fantastic x

Lana said...

Wow, what a great job, it looks amazing!:)

this free bird said...

ALLI!!! This is fantastic!! I want one too...when I have somewhere to put it. Awesome job!!


Cassie said...

Wow - what a clever lady you are, really love it!

alli/hooray said...

thanks everyone!

Cassi said...

Love your knack for nautical flare! BTW, Apartment Therapy posted your project in the SF section. Kudos! (People can be brutal and stupid over there, so just ignore their comments). GREAT job. :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

What a great project!

Steph said...

Looks amazing!

O cantinho da Lê said...

It´s great!!!

Kimia said...

awesome pick with the rope! anything nautical is immediately lovely in my book :)

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