clothing: summer skirts

One summer my sister in-law Sarah said that she was determined to wear skirts as often as possible. It's a great idea because they're comfortable, lightweight, and always look cute. I like these vintages ones from to be determined:

(photos by to be determined)

1 nautical stripes, 2 red roses, 3 color block, 4 black floral


Alicia Clinton said...

ooh i love wearing skirts and these are all so great + so cute.

Cassie said...

I never wear skirts I am terrible - in fact my husbands aunt made a point of telling me I couldn't get married in jeans!

Yet I always admire many a skirt in catalogues!


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love the colour block one. So pretty! I have loads of summer skirts, but am inspired by that one... Might need to start a search for one like it!

this free bird said...

I love these!! With each one I looked at I was saying, "I like this one best" - they're all gems.


Gracie said...

I love skirts for summer. The nautical one is so cute! I wish I could make my own.

Havilah Savage said...

i'd love to wear more skirts! thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I wear skirts practically everyday!
Even in the winter. Skirt + leggings is still warm enough for California.

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