talbots, revisited

I haven't visited a Talbots since our moms shopped there when my best friend and I were growing up. But we came across their website the other day and noticed they've done some serious re-branding, with apparel that includes party dresses and ruffly blouses.

They seem to be reaching out to a slightly younger audience (while still maintaining their Woman line with their traditional collections). What do you think of their new look?


Alicia Clinton said...

hmm this is interesting! not at all how i remember talbots either!:) i do like the dress in the top photo and those little tanks in the second shot. good find Alli!

and flowers pick themselves said...

oooh, how lovely! i just passed a talbots the other day and didn't even think to go inside. i love the tanks!

xo Alison

kribss said...

definitely will need to check out their website! [thought they were still old school]

Lara said...

I am really liking this... thanks.

Colleen said...

I just discovered the same thing while on my hunt for bridesmaid shoes! One of the former J.Crew models is now at Talbots (sad that I know that!) and it seems to be taking the look of J.Crew a few years ago - I love it! Great images!

oh, hello friend. said...

wow, who knew Talbots could be so cool: i totally used to think of it as a 'mom' shop ;) love the catalog and clothes, would have never known. thanks for sharing! xo.

this free bird said...

oh my. there's something very lauren moffatt-ish about this. who knew??

Cassi said...

I noticed the J. Crew model immediately! Lol. You're right, their look is definitely different--'good' different. Anything nautical catches my attention. :)

alli/hooray said...

Glad you guys recognize the Jcrew model, too. It's one of the first things we noticed - she's one of my faves.

OneCraftyFox said...

They have really started to come out with some fantastic looks!

Hope you have a fantastic day, sweetie :)

Kate said...

you have been missing out! my mum's been dragging me to talbots for years, but it's steadily been getting better for about the past four! love that first dress!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you know, i haven't stepped foot in this store before... only b/c i thought it was for an older audience. next time, i will check it out!!

Cassie said...

I have not been a big fan of the ruffle trend but there is something about that top in the last picture that really grabs me. The colour too is stunning.

What a great find, just a little jealous I cannot get hold of it.

sophie said...

Great eye Alli! I was all over that ruffle top too, and ma always a sucker for seersucker!

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