lemlem: handwoven clothing

I'm so glad Carrie re-introduced me to Lemlem, a collection of handwoven clothing made by artisans in Ethiopia. The pieces are pretty and vibrant, and the creation process is impressive. I also love the story behind it and that it supports a good cause.

(1 via Lemlem, 2&3 via jcrew)

They also have a line at Jcrew. The tunic above is hands down my favorite piece, it looks so breezy and versatile. See Carrie rocking her's here.


this free bird said...

Alli - this is such a great post - and not just because you mentioned me (although that is super thoughtful and thank you!) - I am such a fan of Lemlem. I have been thinking non-stop about Liya Kebede and the artisans she has created new livelihood for. The garments are beautiful and it's so nice to own something with meaning that has enriched the life of someone else.

So glad you featured the brand too!! Love your pictures by the way - you have mastered the ability to lay things out in a very professional and soft looking way. Me? not so much. :)

this free bird said...

oh and ps - there is no way the Chef would have gone to that thing (or even that I would have gone to it) had he known what it was. It literally was like getting washed into a sea of denim, dresses and bodies!!

I had been thinking a lot about what you wrote yesterday so it was confirmation to know I wasn't alone here. I'm not going to let my blog (or any "stuff") run my life. It's just not wise or healthy. :):)

La Boheme said...

Thank you for such a happy post! Great design and great cause is always the best combo! xo

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, these pieces are soo lovely! i love that they are handwoven and support a cause. great find!!

You Are My Fave said...

I adore that skirt. So summery.

oh, hello friend. said...

thanks for sharing, these are such fabulous finds! xo.

Colleen said...

That tunic is gorgeous! I love that they are made in Ethiopia!

Colleen said...

PS - you are blogging with a purpose : )

OneCraftyFox said...

Perfect for summer :)

Engracia said...

Great post to follow yesterday's, spot on purposeful blogging. These are so beautiful and I see they sell them in Sydney, so will go and check them out.

jen jafarzadeh said...

love this line!! so going on my wishlist. I love the gauzy material and sorbet colored stripes. perfect for summer!

iva yaneva said...

These are gorgeous!!

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