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Doesn't this weekend feel like the unofficial start to summer? We're escaping our 80+ degree house (we have no AC!) and heading to my in-laws, where they have a pool. Before I go I wanted to share some fun links:

Madewell's e-commerce site launches!

Romper love, here here and here. I tried a nautical striped one on at Target the other day and loved it, but am still deciding if I can pull off the look.

Summertime outfit picks and Holly's London quick guide

Below are photos of Kate's Adventure. This story will amaze you. Read her adventure here (but don't skip to the end!).


kribss said...

from your profile picture, i think you could totally pull off the romper look! have a great weekend and date night : )

alli/hooray said...

Aw thanks Kristi :)


so pumped about madewell! happy memorial day weekend!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Thank you for the link love Alli! Definitely go for the romper---you can totally rock it!

Have a fab holiday weekend :)


Alicia Clinton said...

like Anne, thanks for the link love sweet Alli! you poor things with no AC and 80 degrees! haha you NEED a cool romper to lounge in:)

Cassi said...

Love the romper. And LOVE the story about Kate & her (now) fiance! Thanks for sharing that! My good friend is visiting from London this weekend, and I can't wait for her to ready that story--she'll die. She's a total romantic. Have a fab weekend!

this free bird said...

Uh, hello Madewell...you need the romper.

And Kate's story? Oh my! What a great one. I even left her a comment.

This weekend is the anniversary of The Chef taking me on a maybe date(unbeknownst to me and think Felicity) to an amazingly fun dinner and SATC. It's a long story, but he was trying to tell me he wanted to date me through his thick eyelashes. Super cute.

I think we're gonna do a re-do for fun.

Hope you have a great weekend with lots of A/C and pool time. We're hoping for sun minus gusting winds here on the west coast.

OneCraftyFox said...

tee hee, I just purchased a black romper a couple of weeks ago!

Hope you had an amazing long weekend :)

_ffyona said...

Hope you had a great weekend Alli! I have been dying to find a romper, i hope i get mine soon. ;)

Bonnie said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Alli... hopefully with A/C!!! Loved your fun post as always. Especially Kate's Adventure. The collage is so much fun (now I have to go read the actual adventure!).

Have a lovely day and stay cool. :)


design traveller said...


Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

I am so excited about Madewell - finally! Hope you had a great long weekend. An old fashioned movie date night sounds dreamy!

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