lost & kualoa

When we got married and moved into a tiny apartment 3 years ago, we had no internet, no tv stations, and maybe two radio stations that came through. So we found ourselves renting a lot of movies & tv series. The first tv show we chose, since everyone seemed to talk about it, was LOST.

We finished the first 2 seasons literally in days, and have been hooked ever since. Anyone who watches the show knows that it isn't just about all of the crazy stuff that happens on the island - it's also brilliant, compelling storytelling about the lives of all these characters that you become vested in.

When we were in Hawaii we spent an amazing afternoon at Kualoa Ranch where LOST is filmed. We visited a one of the dharma sites, went to Hurley's golf course, and visited a hut that they had just finished filming a scene at. It was us and two other couples being driven around in a short bus, cameras in tow, as we went along on this tour.

Our tour took us through Ka'a'awa Valley that sits between two mountains (which we now recognize on the show). We've since noticed that most of the open land shots are filmed here. It's right along the ocean, and nearby is the pond where the dock shots are filmed, and behind the valley is the rainforest on the show.

view of ka'a'awa valley (with the ocean behind us)

WWII bunker (used as dharma site)

a hut in the valley (a scene they had just filmed)

They were still filming while we were there and although we didn't see any of the sets or crew during our tour, it was still an amazing experience. Gave us some great perspective on how they created the look of the island, and made it even more interesting to watch the show.
Oh, LOST, we'll miss you. It's been fun.


rachel said...

how fun! I don't watch the show, but it's exciting to get a little sneak peak into where they filmed.

Anonymous said...

I want to go there now! I watched season one again about a week ago (just for kicks) and I love the golf scene. How cool that you saw it in real life.

Unknown said...

how fun!!!!
Wow! Since I saw last episode this morning (Spanish time) I really want to go to Hawaii!!!

Do you know if the scenary, the bunker and all the thinks related to Lost will stay there for long?

I also thought that It will be a great idea to creat a smal amusement park related to lost, don't you think so?

Great Blog!!

Andrea Dozier said...

That is so cool, thanks for sharing! We found ourselves in the same place when we got married almost six years ago, therefore becoming very addicted to LOST... I am really going to miss our weekly tradition!

Unknown said...

Oh how cool! I really wish I could have taken a trip out there to see some of this!

I am SO sad Lost is over! It was such an amazing emotional ride.. It will always remain a favorite of so many people!

Anna @ IHOD said...

This was the only show my husband and I loyally watched together:( SOOO sad it is over. Although I was so disappointed with the feel happy gnostic ending...it was really an incredible run.
I can't believe you got to visit here! Thanks for sharing with a geeky fan like me;)

Brittany said...

This is so great! I did the horseback tour at Kualoa Ranch in 2006 and it was AWESOME! It was really cool to see where stuff from LOST was! Thanks for sharing your photos. It was nice to bring up some happy memories this afternoon. :o)

alli/hooray said...

Natalia: Hi! As long as Kualoa allows visitors + tours you should be able to see the sites. The majority of "sites" are open land + fields, and the bunker is from the war (it existed pre-LOST, so it's there to stay). It's a ton of fun to see.
PS. Love your theme park idea - I'd totally go!

this free bird said...

super pictures! thanks for sharing. loved the ending last night and could still feel it in my brain when i woke up this morning. when i saw your post i felt in good company. x

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

How fun! I sure am going to miss the show. I think its amazing how they showed so many different places/locations while filming mainly in Hawaii.

Calvine said...

Hi! I've always been a fan of your blog, but knowing you are a lost fan makes it that much more special! My boyfriend and I had a similar experience when we started watching it a few summers ago and have been hooked ever since. I loved seeing your pictures and am so jealous that you took a tour! Do you think the hut that you saw where they were filming was used as (spoiler alert...) rose and bernard's house?!

Anyway, thanks again from a lost and design fan!

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