weekend inspiration: watercolor

We're starting some house decorating this weekend. It looks like our weekend will be filled with paint, trips to Lowe's (maybe Ikea too :), and some quality time with our laundry room (first on the list). I've been doing a little watercolor art lately, so here's some inspiration for the weekend.

striped purse (as seen on that's happy)

rose petals print (by working woman)

tiny map illustration (as seen on frolic)

bike invites (as seen on bird & banner)

PS: Check out Amy's surprise wedding on eat drink chic.


_ffyona said...

Oh Alli, this watercolor post made me wanna find time to go pick up my paint brushes and start painting again. Haven't done anything like that since x'mas.

I have seen Amy's wedding post yesterday, and my! I love every single detail of it. I have gotta check out the other 2 links!

I wish you a good weekend!

kribss said...

loving the watercolors- especially the bicycle one!

have FUN decorating this weekend- can't wait to see before + afters.

{i too had a surprise wedding. it was awesome hearing the applause once guests found out why they were there, not just for a cookout}

alli/hooray said...

kristi: that is SO awesome!

OneCraftyFox said...

Congrats on the start of the redecorating. Watercolors really pull a place together and make it feel fresh and inviting. Great picks!

Happy Weekend :)

Cassie said...

I am hopeless at painting Alli but your pictures made me want to ring my Auntie and ask her to get her watercolours out pronto!

Wishing you a productive weekend.

alexandra | whatyayalikes said...

loving the watercolors, i need to start painting again! good luck with the house work :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

I really appreciate watercolor artists....it is not easy to do!
These are just so lovely...

Joanna Goddard said...

these are all so beautiful!

iva yaneva said...

Oh please, please, share with us your watercolor paintings! I'd love too see them :)

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