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Over the weekend I pulled some of my sewing books off the shelf and made a list of projects I'm determined to finally do. I have yet to complete a single project out of these books (in stitches, applique your way, simple sewing) even though I got them with the intention of making lots of things. Here are a few things from my new list (I snapped of photo of each page).

1. floor cushions

2. simple totes

3. garland sheers

4. storage totes

5. napkins & coasters

Have you made any projects from these books, or recommend any of them? I still don't own a sewing machine, but next time I'm at my mom's (or mom in-law's) I'm hoping to cross a few of these projects off my list.


Cassie said...

Would love to see them when you complete them. I love pretty books like these and am afraid to say that I own quite a few and haven't completed anything from them. I don't have these particular ones but they are great to get the creative juices flowing.

Elizabeth said...

Good luck, it can be really challenging to do a project from alllll the way through, you'll get it done!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

these look AWESOME. I have a book of how to sew bags that I am dying to find time for! Let us know if you finish these!

the red bungalow said...

oh my this sounds like a lot of projects to tackle! I usually find fabric first and then bring it home and say "seriously what am i going to do with this?" lol.

I think your method is better. ;)

Bre @

RedRedOrange said...

The first sewing project i ever did was the sleeping mask from In Stitches! i still wear it on the plane, i made it with brown velour lining and it is quite luxurious if i do say so myself :) also have done the recipe card bags and the lounge pants. I just looked at it again, and need to make the cute kitty bed! Start with something simple that you can finish in one sitting so you dont freak out like i do :)

Lisa said...

I'm going to have to check this book out! I love to sew and I want to start doing it again!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i have the in stitches book but haven't tried anything from it yet! i have all these ideas of things i want to make and SOOO many fabrics that i've bought but no time to make all the things i want to make!! i just need to take a week to just SEW!!! btw, beware, you may become a fabricaholic like i have become!!

Colleen said...

Oh, I love all of them! Can't wait to see! My sister is really crafty. I'd like to tackle sewing some day.

Melissa Allam said...

Hope you are able to get to these. I really love sewing, but have not done much in years. I used to sew a ton. I have that book In Stitches and have yet to sew anything out of it either. I have those storage totes for the office bookmarked too.

Gracie said...

I think looks books look fabulous! I will definitely have to check them out (for the intention of sewing of course)....I hope you get to complete your projects. I need to get more motivated to get more creative.

Ohh fabric shopping is fun.

laura greiner said...

anytime I am up for a sewing/project weekend-you name the time...we could make a party out of that!

Kir said...

Fabric shopping is the best part! It's actually doing the sewing part that takes time and thought and sometimes tears. But I'm always around to help!

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