monday it is.

Last night we returned home around 8 and I was out by 9 - possibly from all the visiting and playing and extra-early mornings, but most likely from all the eating (can't pass up ham, cheesy potatoes, or a few glasses of champagne on Easter!). These images make me feel motivated to start a new week.

chic yoga leggings (great inspiration after a weekend of heavy eating!)

a refreshing space (inspires me to clean, simplify & hang my artwork)

1 victoria's secret, 2 marie claire maison via papernstitch

Hope your Monday is starting out great. (This 70 degree weather certainly helps!)


Bonnie said...

Love that outfit, so cool and casual. Your Easter meal sounds just like mine! I had the exact same thing and you better believe I'm going to yoga today. :)

So happy to have found your blog. I look forward to following!!

Sending you sunshine,

Anna @ IHOD said...

Thanks so much Alli! Enjoy your day too:)
I am loooving this weather as well...makes all the difference!
..and if I looked that chic in yoga leggings, I would definately buy a pair or two;)

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. 70 degree weather today, lucky you. It's been raining here all weekend and got kind of cold all of a sudden. I'd like to sink into that soft sofa in that beautiful clean and bright room too.

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

Those leggings are very appealing after lots of eating :) Hope you had a nice Easter!

Cassie said...

Love that outfit Alli and the one you just posted on Tumblr. I can really see you in that one too.

Glad to hear you had a great weekend and cheesy potatoes are the answer to lots of things!!


Jane Flanagan said...

I adore that room. Just perfect!

_ffyona said...

That look is so chic. And that is a very inspiring workspace too.

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