flowers & plants

The arrival of spring has made me eager to dress our house with flowers & plants. I have visions of hanging planters on the front porch, terra cotta pots on the steps filled with boxwood (I'd love to make a topiary), and windowsills lined with pots of roses & herbs...

a flower market (photo by nevara)

greenery in lonny april (photo by patrick cline)

potted plant ideas (smore here on martha)

forsythia in our dining room (from Easter)

Peter & Nerissa's lush backyard

That is what my daydreams are looking like lately, what about you?


Unknown said...

Looks like we are thinking the same today. I posted about gardening today as well. I'm eager to get some little seedlings and get an organic veggie and herb garden planted in pots on my back patio.

Lavender Playground said...

All that green makes me want to go outside! I live in an apt so no garden for me..sigh..maybe I should try the little pink flower pots on my window still =)

the red bungalow said...

yes yes! I love this post. I get so excited during Spring time to plant my flowers and tiny garden in my pots and planter boxes on my patio. :)

Happy Spring to you!

Bre @

Anonymous said...

gorgeous collection. i adore the forsythia.

xo Alison

kribss said...

the topiary's in terra cotta pots are my fave :)

RedRedOrange said...

I have boxwoods in front of my house and they are getting pretty overgrown. I keep thinking i should groom them into little globes but I feel like i would end up massacring them. Maybe you can come to Philly and topiary-ify mine?

Anna @ IHOD said...

what a fun post alli. so many things I need to check out here;) have a fabulous weekend<3

Cassie said...

Just my plans for the weekend too! Must be this lovely sunshine tempting us all outside.

Hanging baskets are looking attractive to me at the moment too - maybe I will try next year.


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