creating studio spaces

My plan to someday have my own studio/physical shop in a downtown area is still in its dream stages. Meanwhile, it's fun to follow the progress of other artists as they set up studio spaces - I've been enjoying following both Rifle and The Hive at 1511 lately as they move into their new "homes".

Rifle Paper Co. (artist Anna Bond)

The Hive at 1511 (Simplesong, Kate Headley, & Ritzy Bee)

(their inspiration from Moomah)


lkjkj said...

Ooh great links, I'm definitely going to start following their progress too.

our little love nest said...

Such an inspiring post, (every little piece of it) that I had to link it up in our today's blog post myself.
I love the photos and ideas behind Moomah!

Anna @ IHOD said...

I am always enthralled by studio spaces.
I have the same dream Alli! someday...

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

Oh I agree, so amazing! Don't let go of that dream! xo

Mary! said...

OMG - Small world... I drive right past the RIFLE studio everyday on my way to work!

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