weekend inspiration

Blog: Two Girls Two Postcards, where Shanon Gass & Moa Maria write to each other and share a photo "postcard" of what they're up to (found through Papernstitch).

Shop: Kate Spade's sample sale (still out of my price range, but fun to browse). If I bought anything it would be this French purse wallet.

Blog post: bites of inspiration, by Ritzy Bee. Shows the inspiration behind the Martha Stewart Weddings cakes, with photos shot by Johnny Miller.

(by Johnny Miller for MS Wedding Cakes)

Our weekend plans: cleaning, shopping, packing. And hopefully eating some pancakes - I've been craving them all week (and totally missed out on national pancake day!).


Sandy said...

ohhh i just clicked on your two girls, two postcards link and i think what they are doing is such a great idea. thanks for sharing it! i <3 kate spade stuff too, especially her clothing, but it is out of my price range too unfortunately. =(

Cassie said...

I might be an 'old-married' but I love Ritzy Bee just for the colours and inspiration. It really is a fave.
Going to have a look at the two postcards link because that first image is enchanting Alli.
Have a great weekend

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What an adorable way that is to stay in touch..photo "postcards" via a blog. Love it!

Moa said...

Oh, how fun that you found our postcard project! :) I'm glad you enjoy it :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Lots like you had a busy weekend! I'll be sure to check out the linked blogs.

Gracie said...

That postcard project sounds really cute. I may have to look into it. The photo is lovely and I have to check it out.

I love your inspiration for the weekend. It will definitely keep you going. x

MaryBeth Houlihan said...

i *love* pancakes! we made some buttermilk berry cakes on saturday--sooo good.

Unknown said...

Love the inspiration here.

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