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Blog: glass half full, about a creative couple (Wakako & her German husband, Frido), splitting their time between their canyon home in LA & apartment in Seattle. Wakako happened to connect with me last fall and since then I've been enjoying her blog - seeing glimpses of their life, their projects, and the beauty they find in nature.

(photos: glass half full)

Blog Post: "George," by Catherine of Little Glowing Lights. Catherine posted about a ginger cat named George, living on a farm, who kept her company when she went to a wedding on said farm. George made me laugh, so I bookmarked the post, only to find out a couple days later that poor George had passed. Whether or not you like cats, he looks like the sweetest little friend.

(photos: Little Glowing Lights)

Shop: Still Life with Wallpaper.

Enjoy your weekend! I'm looking forward to spending it with Q (Bright Star, Valentine's Day, and planning our trip).


simplesong said...

ooh, love these all. happy weekend to you!

Sarah said...

Bright Star is incredible, and a fantastic cuddle-up-together-on-the-couch-for-VDay movie. You're going to love it.
Happy weekend!

Lavender and Lilies said...

I love those flowers in the second image.

Amanda said...

I was sad when I read about George too :( especially after Catherine had only just posted a picture of him.

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

Hope you and your husband have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentines Day. We watched the opening ceremonies last night and fell asleep on the couch before it was over. I just rented Bright Star too and it should come in the mail today through Netflix. I can't wait to see it.

Cassie said...

Happy Valentines Day to you. Thank you for lovely links for this weekend, although I had already read the sad news about George.

wakako said...

Hi Alli,
Thank you so much for mentioning my blog here! I totally jumped and made my hubby read the post:) I love love love your blog too!

Hope you are enjoying your lovely weekend!

Heather said...

poor George! how sad! he looked like such sweet little thing!

i adore that photo with the flowers in the newspaper. that is just my favorite thing!

Colleen said...

thanks for the inspiration and for the comment! that paperclip print is so cute. i haven't seen bright star yet! how was it? hope you two had a lovely weekend.

urban flea said...

those stools in the first pic are making my little heart go all aflutter. great post as always, and i hope you have a lovely week!

xo urban flea :)

Melissa said...

love the paper clip print!

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