skate date

(photos by James Moes via poppytalk)

Now that winter weather is back in full force, I'm daydreaming about ice skating. Q is willing to do most activities that I suggest, but I've yet to convince him to take me on a romantic date ice skating...

In the meantime, I'm adoring these engagement photos, shot on a mountainside ice rink by James Moes!


In Honor Of Design said...

So cute!! My family went ice skating over Christmas, and my husband seemed uneasy about going...I realized he didn't think he could skate well-poor guy. We had a blast anyways,and after a few rounds he was totally cool:D

Colleen said...

aw, super cute! a nice reminder that we can still enjoy winter! :)

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

This couple looks so sweet out on the rink and you seem to pick the most serene of pictures and scenes. Love the natural look of all the snow, the trees and the little bright spots of red in their jackets.

Katherine Lee said...

that looks like such a perfect afternoon! i'm so pleased to have found your lovely blog, and thanks so much for the comment over at urban flea!

xo urban flea :)

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