being prepared

We leave for Hawaii in about a week, and I think we're prepared, realizing:

-it's still a work trip (for Q at least)
-if you're a blond with unusually pale skin, there is a risk of getting burnt (thanks for the reminders, mom!)
-there is a Target on Oahu, so as not to miss the Liberty of London debut

-you "aren't likely to see any actors, sets, or crew" on the LOST tour
-stealing a pineapple is a $10,000 fine*

(photos via a new favorite flickr stream: miuco)

I think that covers the important stuff. Any other tips?

*update: more like $5k. But still.


Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

Isn't that steep for stealing a pineapple? Have fun!

Unknown said...

Pretty exciting. I'll be leaving this Saturday for Israel. Wasn't sure what to do about the blog, as I don't think I'll be taking the laptop or have time for blogging their. I was going to ask a few friends to guest post maybe a couple of days so it's not so quiet. Would you like to guest post a day or two next week?

lkjkj said...

that pineapple comment made me laugh so hard, that's an insane fine!

Anna @ IHOD said...

ha ha ha ha that is crazy! 10, 000 for a pineapple? I will value them more when I eat them now.;) If you go on the LOST tour please tell me about it!

How exciting!

Sandy said...

Have fun in Hawaii! That is one of my favorite places to visit in the world! Make sure to eat ice cream and pineapples for sure! If McDonald's still has them, the taro pies are delicious! And when is the Liberty of London debut?? I must go at my local Target store, I heart Target!!

alli/hooray said...

Elizabeth: when hubby told me about the fine, I thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Sandy: it's March 14th, mark your calendars!

rachel said...

haha... I had no idea about the stealing-a-pineapple fine. I'm so excited for you! (As long as you don't steal any pineapples.)

Heather said...

Alli, don't steal a pineapple! You must return home as soon as possible to thrill me with your beautiful finds! ha!
Have a wonderful trip and be safe! I hope you are going to share all of the wonderful details with us when you return!
love, Heather

inkala images said...

Relax and enjoy yourself!

Ingrid x

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