work hard & be kind...

I couldn't resist posting this positive quote by Conan O'Brien, his closing words spoken on his last Tonight Show on Friday. I've been a longtime fan of his - yes he is silly-funny, but also smart, witty, & genuinely nice. In his words: "if you work really hard and you're kind, I'm telling you. Amazing things will happen."

(Image by Old Sweet Song, found via Oh Hello)


Elizabeth said...

oh I absolutely loved his speech, so eloquent, I feel like his fan based must've just multiplied exponentially.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is so true!

Shannon said...

That's a lovely quote. Thanks for sharing it. :)

RedRedOrange said...

I loved that part too, and of course it brought a tear to my eye as do all even remotely emotional things do!
So true, even though sometimes it is hard to remember.

Melissa Y. Allam said...

I haven't watched him much, but these are great words of advice. I totally agree with him.

Fee-AMore said...

I definitely dig in this. If you are kind in the soul and work naturally hard, great things are gonna be knocking!

By the way Alli, i am hosting a giveaway, though perhaps you might like to check it out!

Engracia said...

This is fabulous, I have printed this out and stuck it on our fridge door so we are always reminded of this. Love watching Conan as well, so witty.

josephine said...

yeah, i loved his closing monologue too. it was really gracious and classy. i'm a conan fan from way back, and this makes me adore him even more.

bsmithhill said...

Thanks for sharing this quote--love it. And love Conan.

Mary! said...

Love this Alli.. and I'm so glad you posted it. Its just what I needed to see today, really brightened my evening...

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