sheepskin rugs

We love our new sheepskin rug that we picked up at Ikea for a steal 
under $10 shortly after the new year.
My cats appreciate its softness, too, and are now forced to choose between that and all the other good spots. Now I want a giant one to warm up the whole room.


lkjkj said...

That's a really cute rug, your cat looks very comfy on it. But honestly, we just got a snow storm today, snow! I know winter isn't even close to being over, but I want to put away the boots and fuzzy rugs and heavy coats, I'm ready for spring!

Winter blues stink.

Unknown said...

I really like those rugs too. I have two of them for my dogs to sleep on. What are those books that you have in the pictures? I adore that space in the second one.

_ffyona said...

I can see your cat loving it! Hope you whip up the bigger rug soon! The thoughts of having the rug, and watching a movie, just perfect!

Heather J said...

fun! i contemplate getting one of those rugs everytime i'm at ikea. i might just have to pick one up next time.

Unknown said...

Great collection of 6x9 Rugs for your modern home.

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