mittens & gloves

red mittens (from bonjour!)

My must-have accessory during winter are mittens/gloves - my hands are always cold (indoors & out). I've been coming across a lot of cute ideas for them lately, and it has me wanting to learn how to knit so I can make myself a few pairs. I think the first ones from bonjour! are beyond adorable.

heart mittens (print by abby try again)

Brynn (knitting pattern by knotty gnome)

sweetheart felted fingerless mitts (by maisey handmade)


_ffyona said...

Aww, the last pair is such a sweetheart.

Lisa Rupp said...

I love mittens. Too bad I don't really need them in arizona.

Unknown said...

I like those mittens that can be mittens or you can just have your fingers out. I have a pair of these, but I think I need a new pair, they are getting kind of worn.

Joanna Goddard said...

those top mittens are SO cute!

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