michaelis boyd interiors

This past fall I discovered the amazing online portfolio of Michaelis Boyd, through Anita Kaushal's book The Family at Home. It features the kind of interiors that I go crazy for: the style is a mix of clean & modern, with vintage touches & a European feel (the firm is based out of London). I gathered my favorites here...

Byron (burger restaurant on Kensington High Street, London)

Cowshed (on Portland Road in London)

Inside Cowshed

Retail shop m e l t (on Ledbury Road in London)

Brass Rail, Selfridges (diner on Oxford Street in London)

Maggie & Rose Nursery (shop + nursery on Pembroke Road in London)


Celine said...

I have a friend who works there! And I remember him talking a lot about designing the cowshead interiors! It is so good to see the completion of it, I wish I could see it in person!

jen jafarzadeh said...

love! I actually have one of those yellow stools in the first photo.

alli/hooray said...

Celine: what a small world! (wish I could see it in person, too.)
Jen: the yellow stools are the best!

Gracie said...

Really gorgeous interiors! I love seeing how shops use their spaces. Some are so creative and ingenious. That would be a favourite part if I was so ever set up a shop.

Unknown said...

Love these spaces. The blue and the turqoise pops of color is just so cheery.

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