hello there (from the library)

Our internet has been out since Friday, after I called to have our landline phone cancelled. We've never hooked up a phone to our landline but we had to have the line installed when we first moved in, in order to get internet (due to our location). So, after hours of phone calls they have finally told us they will hook up our internet again on the 13th.

Don't they realize I have blogs to read?

(photo by Rachel Whiting via Darling Dexter)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I go mad when I don't have my internet! eek!

In Honor Of Design said...

oh that is the worst! and don't they know you have loyal readers who miss your posts? ;)
Hope your week gets better!

_ffyona said...

Aw i am sorry to hear that. I did went bonkers too couple of months back when the server sort of screwed up. Technology without fail always drive us nuts, but for a matter of fact, we can't do without it!

Just 2 more days, hang on dear!

lkjkj said...

Aww, I was without internet and phone this weekend and almost lost it, I understand your pain.

Unknown said...

Oh no, that's not fun. It kind of drives me crazy when the internet is down. I hate how we have to rely on technology sometimes.

Engracia said...

No, that is horrible news, I so look forward to my daily Hooray! reads. See in a few days.

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