etsy love: winter inspiration

I was looking through my favorites on Etsy, and I like seeing the combination of items collected - lately it's been: red, white & black; a little Valentine's inspiration; and an ode to tennis (the Australian Open is going on right now, have you been watching?).

black & white sundress (jessjamesjake, found via)

love cards (humunuku)

love-love card (cracked designs)

valentine bike card (lark press)

sardana screenprint (roddy and ginger)

all photos linked to sources above


Heather said...

alli, I love the cards with the 2-seater bycycle! Darling!!

Unknown said...

There are so many sweet cards out there for Valentines Day. I love the simple things you find. The black and white, love, love, love and the tennis racket with little hearts are just so simple and sweet.

Cassie said...

I completely agree with Melissa and had to stop myself typing the exact same lines!
I could purchase so many valentines cards just to admire, even though I only really have the need for one for hubbie!
I am afraid here in England we don't seem to do Valentines properly!

marie said...

That love love card is darling!

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