charming home in san francisco

Earlier this week I was drawn to the charm of this 100+ year old home, as well as the story behind it. It's owned by a couple in San Francisco and they spent 2 years renovating it. They documented the process, and the before and after photos are amazing! See the full tour here.

framed photo of the couple during renovations:

sweet, simple bedroom

I want this color blue somewhere in our house

Open shelving in the kitchen:

photos via Apartment Therapy

Sometimes all of the interior inspiration I find online and in magazines starts to overwhelm me, but this home had the opposite effect. I'm adding flowers and paint (Benjamin Moore: Bird's Egg 2051-60 to be exact) to my shopping list.


Lisa Rupp said...

I love the wall colors. it makes me want to paint a room in my house.

Stephanie said...

I love the first photo - it looks like it could be in the entryway of their home. So fresh and simple!

lkjkj said...

Sometimes the idea of using color on my walls scares me, but wow, they did it perfectly.

Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh this really is charming! I love the fresh look of the bedroom and the blue hues!

have a lovely weekend:D

Unknown said...

This place is so simple and serene. I get overwhelmed sometimes too by all the interior inspiration I find online. I love the bathroom and the kitchen.

Heather said...

I am in love with the colors in the bathroom and kitchen! Simply wonderful!

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