viva terra

Viva Terra makes products for home & living using sustainable materials, and although not everything they offer is quite my style, I do have a weakness for requesting/browsing catalogs. A few things caught my eye this time, & with a quick visit to their website I found these links to my favorites:

chalkboard organizer ($89 - I could really use one of these)

retro bamboo radio ($248 - pricey, but cute)

glass pear-shaped terrarium ($79 - perfect for Christmas)

bamboo mouse & laptop stand ($34 & $59 - love)


jen jafarzadeh said...

oh, love that laptop stand and the bamboo mouse! want one as well. I have a wood magazine holder (for the wall) from Viva Terra that's great because it's functional and pretty.

Kitty said...

I love your selection, especially the bamboo radio! This is the first time that I've heard of Viva Terra~

_ffyona said...

Oh that chalkboard organizer and retro bamboo radio is love!

Jeanee said...

those glass pear-shaped terrariums are beautiful!!!

lkjkj said...

I love love love terrariums! So cute!

iva yaneva said...

the radio IS cute!:) I also love the organizer, definitely need more things to keep me organized :)
thanks for your comment, dear! everyone deserves a holiday break, right? :) xo

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