clues & aids

Clues I've received (so far) in the advent calendar from Q about my Christmas gift:
Clue#1: Cookies-don't-cha-want-some
Clue#2: Cinna-Rolls Mmm...
Clue#3: Who said we needed any aids in the kitchen?
To me, those clues add up to one thing: a shiny new KitchenAid mixer. Which is way more than I expected, and has me sweating about what I got him.

We've been shopping for a KitchenAid since we got married. He's always wanted the fancy model that lifts up instead of the one that just tilts, so we've never made a decision. My opinion is that I'll take anything over our tiring, messy hand mixer.
So he either compromised or he splurged. I'll find out soon enough. : )

Above are some other bits from the advent calendar so far. And I just love the ornaments & Christmas cards all around the house (like the last photo). Is Christmas really only a week away?


Rachel Follett said...

This is by far one of the best presents to get! I bought one for my husband a couple of years back and oh man lets just say I got something out of it too! Homemade cookies, mashed potatoes, etc. etc. Not together of course. :)

Thank you for your recent sweet comments. I really appreciate it!

In Honor Of Design said...

you guys are too cute! I hope you get your mixer!
my husband keeps asking if he can give me my presents early because he can't a little boy at Christmas:)

iva yaneva said...

I really wish time would just stop for a while because I love waiting for a holiday to come and it makes me so sad when it's over. But oh, well, there is always a next one to wait for, right? :)

I love what you guys have decided to do - with the advent calendar and all :) so cute!

Gracie said...

I want a KitchenAid. Maybe after the wedding we can get one :) I think your little Advent calender is so cute! I really want to do this next year. I love the little bits that were in the Advent calender are really cute.

I can't believe Christmas is next week!! x

Unknown said...

That is so cute that your husband leaves you little clues like that in your advent calendar. Sounds like a fun guy. I hope you've added up your clues right, a Kitchen Aide Mixer would be a pretty great gift.

jen jafarzadeh said...

I agree with iva, can we have one more week of anticipation! hope you get your mixer! ps, your photos are so sweet.

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