wedding in paris

It feels like I've seen this Paris wedding before, but I rediscovered it yesterday on Elizabeth Messina's site (via this post), and it had me swooning all over again. Countryside in Paris, tiny stone chapel, outdoor dining under a canopy, rustic chandeliers, & stealing away for kisses under an umbrella. Just a little romantic.

photos: Elizabeth Messina


Unknown said...

One place I would love to go to. I have the style notes blog in my reader, but never clicked on the link for the photos. Elizabeth Messina's portfolio is oh, so beautiful.

Heather said...

oh! what a divine wedding! beautiful photos!

Kir said...

I'm just wondering why the bridesmaids are both grabbing the groom's buns while the bride is blissfully posing for a picture. Hmm. Doesn't bode well for the future of their marriage. Unless, that is, things are more swingin' than they are in my little world.

Otherwise, love the idea. :)

Blogger2r said...

Oh jealous doesn't even begin to describe my feelings!!! I have to have this. I need money though :(

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