styling...& boots

I'm drawing on inspiration from Randi Brookman Harris today. I love to browse her site & admire her creative styling. And those red rain boots only remind me for the millionth time that I still need (read: want) a pair.

photos via Randi Brookman Harris. photo 1: Matthew Hranek, photo 3&4: Eric Piasecki


Gracie said...

Beautiful styling! I would like to get some rain boots too. And red would be a nice stand out colour for sure.

Unknown said...

Yes, I think you need those red boots. It's the rainy season now you know.

_ffyona said...

It's a rainy mode in Singapore right now. And i never enjoy rain unless i am in the comfort of home. But if i can wear the red boots out, i wouldn't mind at all. xo

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