so it begins

It's officially the busiest time of year. We did a little shopping this weekend, and here are a few items I picked up, along with a few that had me interested:

Everyday Food Mag: this month's issue has so many great ideas that I made sure to pick up a copy.

Malibu Necklace
: Saw so many pretty necklaces like this one at j.crew.
Sweater: Picked up some great priced sweaters like this from GAP & Target for my husband.
Flannel Lined Jeans
. Yep.
Winter Vest: I got this red winter vest & love it. So comfy.
: Finally got a copy of Elf!
Cord Mini: Scored this cord mini on sale at j.crew - perfect for wearing with tights.
Merino Glittens
: a soft blend of wool & cashmere and definitely on my wishlist.

(Wish I could share some of the gifts I found, but I don't want to spoil any surprises...)


_ffyona said...

Oh alli, i love that winter vest, it's soo pretty!

Cassie said...

I love those gloves - can just imagine they are so very soft! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to share gifts on your blog - I am desperate to take photo's of some of the things I have bought but just daren't! Maybe I will take them and save them for after Christmas post possibly...

simplesong said...

great round-up! love it all! : )

Unknown said...

You got a few great things. I have been wanting a pair of those fingerless gloves for awhile now. I have them on my list.

In Honor Of Design said...

oh I am a huge fan of Elf-laugh so hard every time. That vest is soo cute.

iva yaneva said...

I love the winter vest! I followed the link and they really have some great stuff there at good prices too! Unfortunately they don't ship to my country but oh, well :)

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