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Yesterday I marked this photo from a recent Apartment Therapy home tour, because I love that bowl collection on the wall above the fireplace. I also started thinking that the placement of the tv/stand is a pretty clever arrangement if there's no other option.

We're looking to move our main tv from the loft to our front room, but it's hard to arrange it with the layout of the room. I'm hoping to move it by Christmastime so we can spend time in there with the tree & stockings. I guess this could be a back up option, considering we never actually turn the fireplace on, because we're just too cheap.

photo via Apartment Therapy


_ffyona said...

Oh my, i SO LOVE the idea of displaying bowl collection on the wall! It totally look awesome against the brown. I agreed on the placement of the tv set. It's a clever one with white against white. And needless to mention those symmetrical bookshelves.

Have a good weekend alli! xo

Heather said...

This is so clever! (Fiona took the words from my mouth!) Love the idea of placing the tv in front of the fireplace if you aren't using it. The bowls on the wall would add so much color and flair! Darling!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I love this idea with bowls on the wall. I have thought about this before, but have wondered how put them up. That dark color of the fireplace wall is wonderful too, it really makes the bowls stand out. Have a great weekend Alli.

In Honor Of Design said...

love this. Any walls with plates or bowls are so fun right now!

Cassie said...

I love those bookshelves either side of the fireplace. We built our house from scratch and I fear we made it too square - I yearn for steps up and down to rooms and nooks and crannies to put things in! These shelves are just gorgeous.

Rachel Follett said...

Great inspiration! I love the idea of hanging bowls instead of plates too. How cool! Hope your having a great weekend sweetie!

iva yaneva said...

I love the bowls too! But I personally would never give up a fireplace for a tv, even if it is not being used very often. I have seen some people putting candles in the fireplace so that there is still some kind of association with the light/flame. You can put it above the fireplace though and this way it won't be lost, but then the bowl display would have to be different.
You can send me some photos of your room if you need some help deciding where to put the TV or better - a plan if you have one.
Have a lovely day, dear! xo

Gracie said...

I love the bowl collection. I've always wanted a fireplace to hand stockings and to put little items on top.
Have fun rearranging the room.

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