kraft paper labels

I saw these kraft paper labels (from TapeSwell) in Real Simple a couple months ago, & just found the magazine page I had torn out as a reminder. This is the best image of them I could find online from the company's web shop.

images: TapeSwell


Rachel Follett said...

Ooooh these are pretty! What a great find!

Melissa A. said...

Oh, these are so beautiful. I get Real Simple mag too and I don't know how I missed these, but I'm glad you didn't. By the way I gave you a sugar doll award on my blog today since your such a sweet girl.

kellie said...

great value too! so many uses, a great find

In Honor Of Design said...

oo thanks for sharing this! These are wonderful!

alli michelle said...

Melissa (& anyone else wondering) - they were featured in the Sept issue, pg 40. If you still have your issue - definitely check back!

Jillian Frances said...

I could also see using these to label canisters in the kitchen or magazine organizers, plain white bankers boxes. Love them! Thanks for sharing!

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